Vijaya Kalyan

Vijaya Kalyan is an Indian artist based in Africa. Vijaya completed her Diploma in Fine Art from Mumbai in 1987.Ever since childhood she has been fascinated by the expressive potential of colors, shapes and forms. Since they abound in nature, she felt a profound obligation to express both, love and awe for her. According to her "Real life is about love, peace and happiness which radiates from human bonds. But life without soul is a void. I endeavor to fill this void through my work. It portrays life as nature intended it to be - a world enveloped in love, peace and happiness, life without a soul. She has held various shows in Nairobi (Kenya), Kampala (Uganda), East Africa, Cincinnati (USA), Chennai (India), Johannesburg (South Africa), Naivasha (Kenya), Milan (Italy) etc. She had won millennium artist award by 2000 Foundation - the Netherlands.