Stanlaus Shake Makelele

Taita Taveta born Shake Makelele is a student of Creative Art Centre

Makelele's works show a positively aggressive young man exploring his environment . He says , he would like to be the Van Goh or Picasso of Kenya . His works show a man who is out-going and perhaps influenced by classical European styles . He prefers the pallet knife to the brush to spread his colours .

His adventurous use of paint is combined with the conservatism of Abel Keragori . Makelele makes extensive use of green and colours associated with it . These show a character that loves peace and is placid . Makelele's works are lovable for his homeliness . There is a peaceful aura about them and soothing effect you get on watching them .

Makelele uses colour to create an effect that is almost shouting in it's brightness , compelling the beholder of his work to the green of the green trees and the blue of the blue skys .

Makelele's shows are a huge success as his choice of colour is simply amazing .

Stanlaus Shake Makelele