Hosea Muchugu I. Muthoga – Giko

Hosea Muchugu or Giko as he signs his artwork is a self-taught artist. Born in 1965 in Githiga Village, Kangema, and Muranga his youth was spent between school, grazing his parents livestock, taking care of his younger brothers and sisters and assisting his parents in the shamba.

His schooling saw him through Primary, secondary and eventually Kenya Science Teachers College in Nairobi where he graduated in 1987 as a physics, chemistry Diploma teacher. He taught at Lari Secondary School up to 1992 when he resigned in order to venture into business, which included transport, and a textile firm which he runs with his wife in which garments are produced and sold to wholesale customers from all over Kenya and Uganda.

As a small child, Giko would surprise his parents by noulding and drawing very well. However, his artistic talent was not developed further in any of the schools he attended since none among them offered art subjects. It was later after resigning from teaching and venturing in to business that he could afford to buy art materials and so started seriously developing his talents.

Giko started with real life art (realistic) which included wildlife, landscape and people. He eventually developed his work to the figurative art he is currently doing.

A lot of Giko’s work shows inspiration arising from family life which includes parents, and children, their livestock, and daily work in rural and urban setting. He is also inspired by culture, ancient, modern and also future fantasies. Light meaning life, love and happiness, brightens most of his work. As well as being educative, he also tries to portray in his works, ignorance that is addictive to some in our society and suggests remedies to the same whenever he can through his beautiful art.

Many of Giko’s works are on permanent collection in various places among them, commercial bank of Afria, The Kenya National Museum, and the Nation Media Group.

His work has sold locally and internationally. Among the Galleries he has exhibited his work include:

  • Sarang Gallery – Nairobi – 1993
  • French Cultural and co-operative center- Nairobi -1999
  • (His work won in French-Kenya Millenium Competition)
  • Goethe Institute – Nairobi – 1999
  • Museum of Contemporary art of Kenya art festival – 2000
  • Museum of Contemporary art of Kenya – Kuona Trust Gallery – 2000
  • Art and Frame Gallery – Sandtom Ciry – Johannesburg- South Africa – 2000
  • Solo exhibition – French Cultural and co-operative center - 2000

Hosea Muchugu I. Muthoga – Giko